Meet Ron Vickrey

Owner of Our One-of-a-Kind Hawaiian Restaurant

Ron is originally from Los Angeles, California, and moved to the Eugene area in 1993 to open the Crux Rock Gym. He has always had a love for cooking, so in 1999, he decided to follow another one of his passions and open his first Hawaiian restaurant, Ron’s Island Grill, in the same location. After a couple years of success, he made the decision to add two new locations: on Coburg Road, and on 29th and Willamette (current Ron’s locations).

He has always believed that food should take people somewhere or remind them of some place that moved them. Who doesn’t love the tropics? So, what better way than Hawaiian food to make people happy?

He enjoys working closely with his crew in all aspects and learned early on the importance of leading by example. Ron’s Island Grill isn’t like any other Hawaiian restaurant; he’s actively involved with all aspects of his restaurants, by overseeing and working with his staff at each of his locations. He loves to support local bakeries, farms, and businesses, by incorporating their top-of-the-line foods in his dishes. The Ron’s Island Grill staff shares his dedication to bringing the best tasting, high quality food to Ron’s Hawaiian restaurant and its customers. Quick service and clean dining environments make Ron’s Island Grill stand out among other restaurants in the area.

When he’s not working at Ron’s, he can be found rock-climbing with his wife, Debbie, who manages the Crux Rock Gym, or out on the trails with his dogs hiking or mountain biking.

If you see him next time you stop by our grill, make sure to say hello!

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